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Cushion / Herbal poultice pack

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  • Material100% pure cotton
  • Size40 * 40 * 0 cm
  • Weight1700 g


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Cushion / Herbal poultice pack

│ Description │

As this product is made with herb seeds, it can be used semi-permanently and it is safe because it doesn’t cause any negative side effects even if all your family members use it various times a day. A wise choice that will promote the health of your family. Our products can be used by all family members every day on a semi-permanent basis.
Shoulders and the cervical vertebra, which are back parts of neck bones, are very important body parts because they influence the heart, breathing, digestive function, automatic nerves, arteries, veins and motor nerves . If you do fomentation on your cervical vertebra, the bio rhythm and metabolism of your body will become smooth. It also will relieve shoulder pain and fatigue of modern people who are under stress everyday.

│ Contents of product │

* Lavender : Lavender, called a queen of herb, is elegant and clean. It makes people sleep well, so it is widely used as filling of pillows.
* Rosemary : Rosemary, comfortable, clean and smell like pine needles, is good for people or examinees who study.
* Fennel : Fennel which smells like a lemon is good for women who go on a diet.
* Oregano : Oregano with fragrance of grass makes you feel refreshed.
* Senna : Senna stores heat and maintains temperature and improves a sense of wearing.

│ Features │

* Convey aroma herb fragrance with attractive functional herb fragrance.
* Our products are made with only natural herbs.
* As our products don’t directly contact electricity, you can use them safely from electronic waves.
* By sterilizing effect of microwave ovens, we always convey a hygienic and clean sense of use.

│ How to use │

1. Slightly spray water to the back of the fomentation packs two or three times.
2. Fold the Velcro two or three times and put it in a microwave oven so that the Velcro doesn’t touch the turning plate.
3. Put the fomentation pack at the center so that the plate in the microwave oven rotates easily.
4. Heat for as long as the recommended time.
* If the plate of the microwave oven doesn’t turn or there are foreign substances, our products can be damaged. In addition, do not heat for longer than 30 seconds.
* You want perform fomentation repeatedly? If the fomentation pack is still warm, heat it only for about 15-30 seconds to prevent overheating.

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Cushion _ Herbal poultice pack